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Tharawat Bahrain

Who is Tharawat?
Tharawat Investment House “Tharawat” is an Innovative Islamic investment organization that was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 1st June 2008, based on the desire of its founders to introduce an innovative Islamic investment organization that would work with the slogan “Thriving Together” and aim to add high qualitative value to the Islamic investment sector in the GCC countries through innovative development investment.

Which category does Tharawat hold?
Tharawat holds a category 1 Islamic investment firm license and operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Who are your Shareholders?
Tharawat’s shareholder base consists of a homogenous blend of highly credit worthy private establishments and individuals from various GCC countries.

What are the countries that your shareholders come from? And what are their percentages?
Our shareholders come from four countries;

State Share in USD million Percentage
Qatar    15.60 46.92%
Saudi Arabia 10.80 32.48%
Bahrain   4.85 14.59%
UAE 2.00 6.01%
Total 33.25 100.00%

How much is Tharawat Capital?
Tharawat has an authorized capital of US$ 100 million.

Do you have any ready products?
Yes we do. We have two ready products which are: Tharawat Sukuk Fund and Bahrain Water Technology Company. We also have some new products on the way.

I have a business idea or an investment opportunity. Whom should I contact at Tharawat?
Easily you may contact anyone in Tharawat as we all work as one team. We all can help by directing you to the proper person/department which is our investment department.

You may visit Our Team on the below links :

Management Team | Placement team

Do you provide financing?
No we don’t as we are not a financing institute, but this shouldn’t be the end of your journey! We can arrange for any idea or project that you might have by various means.

My firm has this great fund. Will Tharawat place some of its money in this fund? Or can you place it with your customer base?
Both answers are YES. Depending on your project and to what degree it is aligned with our focused target product wise and geographical wise too.

Which regions are you focusing on?
Tharawat’s primary geographic focus is on the GCC countries plus Yemen, with a secondary focus on a wider scope of all Islamic countries. Additional minor focus is on the other markets for the purpose of knowledge and technology transfer.

Which sectors are you focused on?
We are focused on the industrial, agricultural, and services sectors, with a lesser degree of focus on real estate investments.

What is your Vision?
To be a leading Sharia’a compliant investment house contributing to the development of industrial, agricultural, and services sectors regionally and internationally and to be viewed as a reference standard in those sectors.

What is your Mission?
Maximizing Tharawat stakeholders’ values, through

Introducing high quality Sharia’a compliant investment products, with a high degree of risk management.

Building Knowledge and expertise in investing and managing industrial, agricultural, and services related investments, with a lesser degree of focus on real estate investments.

Contributing to the socioeconomic development of geographical focus where Tharawat will operate.

What are your Strategic Objectives?

Seeks to earn the utmost trust of investors in terms of “Tharawat’s” capacity to select and manage quality Islamic investment opportunities.
Be at the forefront of innovative structuring and management of investments to maximize returns and mitigate and manage risks.
Seek to capitalize on synergies within “Tharawat’s” investment portfolio.
Develop innovative and diversified investment products that will assist our clients in maximizing returns and minimizing risks.
Primarily focus on identifying, investing in, and managing investments in the GCC countries to capitalise on acquired local knowledge and expertise.
Recruit, develop, and retain experts to support “Tharawat’s” various fields of interest.
Establish a highly quality efficient network of international business partners to support sustainability of the needed knowledge resources.
Operate the capital in a highly and efficient manner, and continuously maintain high level of products and services offered to clients.
Be active in monitoring and researching the most recent developments and trends in all sectors and geographies of interest to Tharawat.
Attain efficiency in its operation and its communication with its shareholders, investors and partners through use of cutting edge technologies and systems.

What are your Industrial Sectors?
Venture capital start-up operations.
Private equity acquisitions.
Asset-backed cash yielding projects.
Asset management services.
Wealth management services.
Consultancy services.

Who are your Board of Directors?

Mr. Saeed Bin Abdulla Al Misned
Chairman | State of Qatar
Degree in Finance - Denver University, Colorado - USA
Chairman - Dolphin Holding Co.
Vice Chairman - Qatar Development Bank
Ex - CEO Qatar National Bank.
Board Trustee - Qatar Leadership Academy.
Qatar Representative in the GCC Economic Summit Forum.
Advisory Board Member of the GCC Economic Summit Forum.
Mr. Ali Bin Husain Al Sadah
Director and Chairman of Executive Committee | Chairman | State of Qatar
BSC Sharia’a - Sharia’a College - University of Qatar.
Chairman - Syrian Qatari Company.
Managing Director - Al Rowais Investment Company.
Board Member and Executive Committee member of Al - Safwa Islamic Financial Services Company - UAE.
Board Member - Marina Transportation Co.
Former Board Member - National Bank of Qatar.

Mr. Saad Abdulmohsin Al Rossais
Vice Chairman | KSA
PHD Researcher
Master Degree In Business Administration
Bachelor Degree In Business Administration from King Saud University
Chairman -Saad Al Rossais Real Estate & Commerce Group
Chairman - Saudi-Ukrainian Business Council
Board member - Confederation of Employers of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Othman
Dr. Othman Bin Khalid Al Dajani Al Otaibi
Director | KSA
PhD in commercial law from the American University of London
Master degree in Sharia & Law from the Gulf University of Bahrain
Bachelor of Sharia from Imam Bin Mohammed Islamic University
Owner of Law Firm of Dr. Othman Khalid Al-Dajani Lawyers & Legal Advisors
Ex-Head of the Legal Dept. at the Saudi Fransi Bank
Ex-Legal Consultant of the Arab National Bank
Ex-Legal Consultant of Rajhi Banking Co.

Mr. Khamis Mohamed Khamis Buharoon Al Shamsi
Director | UAE
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Business administration
Head of Domestic Banking Division -National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Ex-General Auditor - First Gulf Bank
Ex-Assistant Manager of Internal Audit Dept.-Central Bank of UAE
Mr. Nasir Salim Al Shamsi
Director | UAE
BSC - Business Administration - Accounting.
Former Financial Analyst - Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Chairman and Representative of Late Saeed Sultan Al Darmaki Group;
Al Darmaki Group
Al Darmaki General Trading Est.
Al Darmaki General Trading & Contracting Co.
Al Darmaki Est. for Representing Companies.
World of Furniture Est., Atlas Travel, Crystal House Co. & Baby Fashion Est.

Bader BouRashed
Mr. Bader Jassem BouRashed
Director | Kuwait
Bachelor of Business Administration & Commerce from University of Kuwait .
Chairman and Member -Athman Investment company
Chairman -Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co.K.S.C
Chairman and a member- Gulf Investment Corporation
Ex- Executive Advisor -Arif Group
Ex- General Manager - Massaleh Investments
Bader BouRashed
Mr. Ahmed A.K Zahran
Director | UAE
Bachelor of Administration Sciences and Accounting, Al Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
Vice President / Investments - Emirates National Investment LLC
Ex-General Manager - Time Properties
Ex-General Manager - Al Ghurair Trading L.L.C.(holding)
Ex-Central Purchase Manager - Global Link Communication -Telefonika and RadioShack
Ex-External Auditor - Audit & Tax Consultation Office - Jordan
Ex-Accountant - Maltrance Shipping Agency-UASC & MESSINA Lines - Jordan
Board member - Real Estate Company.

Mr. Arif Mohammed Al Alawi
Founder, Director and CEO | Kingdom of Bahrain
Post graduate studies in International Marketing - University of Strathclyde - UK.
B.Sc. in Industrial Management majoring in Information Systems - King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia.
Founder of Al - Safwa Islamic Financial Services Company - UAE and former Board Member and Executive Committee member.
Progressed through several leading and executive positions in both Gulf Finance House and Arcapita Bank. He was the Regional Manager of both institutions in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Do you have a Sharia’a Supervisory Committee? If yes, who are they? And what are their main roles?
We do. As a matter of fact, in addition to the regulatory requirements, and supervision by the Central Bank of Bahrain, Tharawat also has an external Sharia’a supervisory committee.

This committee is responsible for ensuring that all of Tharawat’s products, services and operations are Sharia’a compliant. The members of Tharawat’s Sharia’a supervisory committee are:

Rev. Shaikh Nedham Mohamed Saleh Yacoubi,Chairman
Rev. Shaikh Dr. Mohammed Sultan Alolama, member
Rev. Shaikh Osama Mohammed Bahar, member

Sharia’a supervisory Board Bio:

His Eminence Shaikh Nedham Mohammed Saleh Yacoubi
Chairman | Bahraini national
Academic Qualifications
Ph.D. candidate - University of Wales - Sharia’a & Law section.
MBA - Mc Gill University - Montreal - Canada.
Religious studies scholar and holder of various religious licenses under the guidance of many prominent scholars in and outside Bahrain.
Author of 4 books; he conducted many legal and Sharia’a courses.
Delivered more than 500 lectures and Friday sermons.
Practical Experience
Member of Sharia’a Supervisory Committees for several Islamic and investment banks worldwide.

His Eminence Shaikh Dr. Mohammed A. Rahim Sultan Alolama
Member | UAE national
Academic Qualifications
Ph.D. in Jurisprudence - University of Om Al Qura - Makkah 1998.
MBA with distinction and recommendation for printing the thesis - University of Om Al Qura - Makkah 1991.
BA - Sharia’a College - Al Islamia University - Medina Monawara - 1984.
Practical Experience
Associate Professor - Faculty of Law, UAE.
Head, manager, supervisor and member of many scientific and administrative committees throughout the UAE.
Head and member of various Sharia’a Supervisory Committees.
His Eminence Shaikh Osama Mohammed Bahar
Member | Bahraini national
Academic Qualifications
Third year of Master Degree at Al Emam Al Awzae University, (Beirut).
Bachelor degree in Islamic Sharia’a from Prince Abdul Qader University of Islamic Studies, (Algeria).
Practical Experience
Head of Sharia’a Compliance - Al Salam Bank - Bahrain.
Sharia’a Supervisory Committee member at various Islamic investment banks and institutions in and outside Bahrain.
Ex - Lecturer at Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF).
TV religious programs editor and presenter.
Friday Prayer Imam and Preacher.

How can we contact you?
Tharawat Investment House “Tharawat”
P O Box 75780
Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain

Office (+973) 17 560 777
Fax (+973) 17 560 778
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