Tharawat Bahrain Corporate Profile

Tharawat Investment House “Tharawat”, established in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 1st June 2008, has an authorized capital of US$100 million, and holds a category one Islamic Investment Firm license and operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Tharawat aims to add high qualitative value to investment sector in the GCC, as well as other world countries, through innovative development investments and a large variety of investment products which primarily focuses on the industrial, agricultural, services sectors, real estate and tourism.

Tharawat’s investment criteria are to invest in new company, invest or takeover existing companies in the GCC with a lesser degree of focus on international markets, or identify new investment opportunites.
Tharawat main revenue will come from various sources namely: yielding or income generating products during the coming years or investment in Private Equities, Real Estates, Advisory, Merger & Acquisition services or reselling of previously acquired investments.

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