Tharawat Bahrain Corporate Profile
Tharawat Bahrain
Seeks to earn the utmost trust of investors in terms of “Tharawat’s” capacity to select and manage quality Islamic investment opportunities.
Be at the forefront of innovative structuring and management of investments to maximize returns and mitigate and manage risks.
Seeks to capitalize on synergies within “Tharawat’s” investment portfolio.
Develops innovative and diversified investment products that will assist our clients in maximizing returns and minimizing risks.
Primarily focuses on identifying, investing in, and managing investments in the GCC countries to capitalise on acquired local knowledge and expertise.
Recruits, develops, and retains experts to support “Tharawat’s” various fields of interest.
Establishes high quality efficient network of international business partners to support sustainability of the needed knowledge resources.
Operates the capital in a highly and efficient manner, and continuously maintain high level of products and services offered to clients.
Be active in monitoring and researching the most recent developments and trends in all sectors and geographies of interest to Tharawat.
Attain efficiency in its operation and its communication with its shareholders, investors and partners through use of cutting edge technologies and systems.
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